March 2011

SUEK commissions new longwall at the 7th November mine

The relocation of 166 Tagor (Polish) roof supports, AFC and stage loader to new panel has been achieved with full schedule compliance. Such an achievement has been done due to the introduction of new effective and safe technologies. During preparation for the face transfer, Huesker Minegrid was successfully used. This special synthetic grid is made from extremely strong polyester yarn. This is the very first experience of Huesker for the Leninsk area coal mines and has been very successful. The Pettito Mule (USA) Shield remover has also demonstrated excellent capability during removal and transfer of the supports.

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Huesker Minegrids 

NBW Mining supplies specialized synthetic Minegrids® to the coal mining industry. Since 1996, the company has revolutionized the recovery of longwall equipment underground. The high strength synthetic Minegrids® are manufactured by Huesker GmbH in Germany who are the world leaders in this technology. The Minegrids® are assembled into one large “mat” known as a “Huesker Minegrid System”. These once piece systems vary from 20m to 400m long depending upon design requirements. Once installed over the longwall roof supports, the Huesker Minegrid System prevents the ingress of rock and debris into the working area as the longwall equipment is withdrawn.

Longwall recovery times have been dramatically reduced with the introduction of Huesker, in some cases by over 50%.

Our Background

NBW Mining was established in 1994 primarily as a consulting company providing expertise in longwall operations and particularly longwall troubleshooting. In 1996 the company was established as distributor of Huesker Minegrids® internationally. To date we have installed over 450 longwall recovery systems around the globe in Australia, Russia, UK, Norway and South Africa with 100% success rate and huge improvements in safety standards not possible with other systems.